Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't Forget: Conservatives Heart Putin...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

GOP Not Doing Too Well With Women


My own view is that women are marginally less irrational than men, on average...  So it doesn't surprise me that they pose a problem for our friends across the aisle...

The 1033 Program: YOU NEED A TANK

video, one naughty word

Eric Hoffer: Causes: Movement, Business, Racket

Eric Hoffer:

"Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket."

(h/t J. Carthensis)

Rape Hysteria: Anti-Rape-Drug Nail Polish Backlash


This literally-not-from-The-Onion collection of facepalmery is like a concentrated shot of web feminism.


There is a reason why a significant majority of Americans support sex equality, but only a small-ish minority consider themselves feminists.

Feminism has a problem.

I don't doubt that your average feminist-in-the-street is as sane as ever. Johnny Quest, for example, literally the most reasonable person I have ever met, if forced to say, says that she considers herself a feminist--though she doesn't go around talking about things in those terms.

But the most prominent current public representatives of feminism are batshit crazy.

And a fair bit of it is on display here. Anti-rape-drug nail polish? A little gimmicky, perhaps...but if invented by women, would be lauded...however, invented by...dudes.  Ergo: not cool. Also: falls afoul of perhaps the most insane bit of contemporary webfem orthodoxy: there is absolutely nothing any woman can ever do to lower the odds of rape! Is impossible! Also: it is wrong to try to stop some rapes if you are not stopping all rapes.

Contemporary feminism is deranged.

It has abandoned any effort to be rational or reasonable, and replaced those things with a kind of ideological primal scream.

And it isn't just that these people make feminism seem crazy. Rather: they are actually making it crazy. These are the people influencing the direction of the movement.

As I've often said, I try not to hold the lunatic fringe against any movement. For example, if the GOP merely had its nutty fringe like the Dems have theirs...well...that plagues even the best of political movements and parties. But when the crazies take over, it's a different story...  In the case of contemporary feminism, the nuts have taken over. And, almost as bad: the rank-and-file seem hesitant to criticize them.

Rape drugs are a factor in only a small number of rapes. See? That is what we call a good point. That is a reasonable and important thing to point out.

Contrast that with this, written by Jessica Valenti:
"I'm appreciative that young men like want to curb sexual assault, but anything that puts the onus on women to 'discreetly' keep from being raped misses the point," writes Jessica Valenti for the Guardian.
"We should be trying to stop rape, not just individually avoid it."
The mind, it reels...

"We should be trying to stop rape, not individually avoid it."

Hey, let's apply this principle generally, shall we?

Don't exercise or eat right--we should be trying to stop heart disease, not individually avoid it!

Don't lock your doors--we should be trying to stop burglary, not individually avoid it!

Don't wear your seat belt--we should be trying to stop car accidents, not individually avoid them!

If physically attacked, do not fight back--we should be trying to stop ass-kickings, not individually avoid them!

Two. Seconds'. Thought.

That's what it takes to see how insane this is.

Two. Seconds'. Thought.

This is basically a paradigm of a false dilemma. Nothing about seeking to individually avoid rape is in any way inconsistent with stopping rape. In's a kind of turbocharged false dilemma. Individually avoiding rape is, in fact, a step toward stopping rape.

Also from Valenti:
Valenti argues that promoting products like Undercover Colors is not only ineffective, but also can lead to "victim-blaming," if women don't take all the suggested precautions.
Analogously: telling people to exercise to avoid heart disease is bad, because then if they don't exercise, it might lead to people blaming others for not exercising...

Don't blame the victim: sound advice.

Criticizing methods of avoiding victimization because they might lead to victim-blaming if you don't use them: nuts.  (In Vaelenti's words, they "leave room for" victim-blaming...  Egad.)

Again: criticizing them because they are ineffective is perfectly reasonable.

But criticizing them because someone might conceivably blame someone who didn't use them, or because they do not end all rape everywhere, or because they are not the methods you just nuts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boehner's Lawyer Is Charging Us All $500/hr To Sue Obama

Yeah, you really can't make this stuff up.

Thanks, party of fiscal responsibility!

(via /r/politics)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Drum On the Latest Conservative IRS E-Mail Conspiracy Theory

News Flash: American conservatism is cracking up.

Driverless Cars In D.C.?

Godspeed, robo-bros...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Drum: Current Republicans Really Are Unprecedented In Their Obstructionism

In case there was, somehow, any doubt in your mind...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Women v. ISIS

Get killed by a female, no heavenly virgins for you

Get 'em, grrrls

Everything Is Sexist: Ladies' Night Is Sexist

As a Tar Heel: facepalm

Buzzword bingo highlights: rape culture, "Blurred Lines," objectify, commodify.

Most embarrassing paragraph:
“I don’t think a lot of women really realize that they are actually the product being sold,” Sekay told The Daily Tar Heel. “By advertising ladies' night or by offering no cover to women, that tells the male audience that this is where all the women are going to be. And not only is that objectifying the women, but it’s also commodifying them as well, which is pretty harsh.”
Yes, I know. This site seems to be several steps down even from Buzzfeed... So this is likely to be deliberately stupid clickbait...  And yet...the crazy is metastasizing...

By doing something that women like, thus allowing men to predict that women will take advantage of it, you are "objectifying" women. Oh and: "commodifying" them...

This is hard-core bullshit from stem to stern.

And this is why feminism is disintegrating. So much of it is built on nonsense. Throw in a few lefty/po-mo-y all-purpose bullshit buzzwords, rely on your target to flee in terror at the charge of misogyny and related sins, and rely on your audience not to think too hard about how cracked your accusations are.

How the mighty have fallen.

Jame's Foley's Murderer Identified?

Somebody is about to get a visit from Delta Force and/or Seal Team 6 and/or the SAS...


Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Irrational/Twitter Left: Drum and deBoer Take Notice

I've been bitching about the rise of the loony left on Tumblr/Twitter/etc. for awhile now. Here's Drum mentioning the phenomenon. Drum is largely referencing Freddy deBoer, here. deBoer, I'd say, gets it largely right until the last paragraph...well, I mean...he's really just saying that he agrees with a bunch of things...I'm not denying that he agrees with them, of course...but I disagree with some of the things he agrees with...

Still, it's good that even people fairly far on the left are finally starting to acknowledge that the left has a problem. It's largely a tone problem--though, of course, one of the internet left's devices for deflecting criticism is the cry of "tone policing!"...

One thing deBoer mentions is particularly worrisome if true--and Iv'e been warning of this for quite awhile. He says that he thinks that many college-aged kids are refusing to describe themselves as liberals because of this stuff (just as many stopped identifying themselves as feminists because of it). This is what happened during the PC madness of the '90's, and I predicted it'd happen again, just as I predicted that the loony left would rise again if Obama won a second term.

Damn I hate being right all the time...

Larison: ISIS And The Administration's Ridiculous Threat Inflation


Of course the administration has a lot more information than I do--and more than Larison does--but, given what I've seen, I have to agree with DL. They seem to be exaggerating the threat.

OTOH, Larison weighs the national interest too heavily, and frequently seems to ignore moral considerations.

I expect he's right that it's in our interest to just ignore them.

But our interest is not the only legitimate interest.

I'm inclined to want us to bomb the bastards.

(And, of course: administrations sometimes exaggerate the threat to us when they have some other reason--e.g. moral reasons--for attacking. Bush invented a threat from Iraq because Cheney, PNAC et al. wanted to invade for their own wacky reasons. Clinton mostly resisted the urge to pretend that our interest was crucially at stake in the former Yugoslavia...but when the moral case for intervention seemed to be on the ropes, he did play the national interest card at a few points. My guess is that Obama and other members of the administration believe that ISIS needs an ass-kicking, but they know that the prudence card beats the morality card in such discussions...)

Special Forces Raid Failed To Find James Foley


ISIS Spokesman Gets Killed By Syrian Army In Lieu Of "Raising Flag Of Allah In The White House

Whlep, serves him right for being a major league jackass with delusions of grandeur

My favorite bit is the "come over here and fight like a man" bit...where, presumably, that means, roughly: come over here where we can threaten to murder people's families unless they carry out suicide attacks against you

Sometimes it really sucks that there's no Hell...

(via Reddit)